Whether you are driving a new Mazda CX-5 or you have an older model Mazda, you need to do all that you can to ensure proper function even when the summer temperatures are on the rise. When you come in to see us at your local Toms River, NJ Mazda dealership, you can count on us to take good care of your vehicle. At Lester Glenn Mazda, our professional service team is there to offer oil changes, new belts and hoses, properly inflate your tires and other services to help beat the heat.

Under The Hood

There are a number of elements under the hood that should be inspected during the summer, including your hoses, belts and all of your fluid levels. Our professional Mazda service team will be happy to perform a multi-point inspection that will ensure nothing is looming that could cause issues for your summer adventures. In addition to checking your fluid levels, we can also double check your vehicle’s air conditioning system to make sure you stay cool on the hottest days.

Check Your Tires

Summer heat can mean big problems if your tires are worn or not properly inflated. Because the weather can cause the air in your tires to expand, you could be at great risk of a blowout if they are not at proper levels. We will also perform a full tire rotation if you would like, ensuring that you have even wear on all of your tires before a major road trip.

By calling the service team at (888) 821-7013, we can set you up with a convenient appointment time to come in for a summer vehicle checkup. You will find Lester Glenn Mazda conveniently located on 1408 Route 9 in Toms River, NJ, where we have a full selection of new and pre-owned Mazda vehicles.