Your car battery died. Now what? Unfortunately, this is a common mishap that is part of car ownership. Fear not, Lester Glenn Mazda is here to break down the basics of jump-starting your Mazda. The pros at our Mazda service center are always here to provide more information and guidance on basic service needs.

Prepare the Area

The best way to start is to call for roadside assistance. Alternatively, if there is anyone nearby, check with them to see if they have spare jumper cables and have the time to lend you a hand. Flip through your Mazda manual and find the safety section about jump-starting. Find your cables and your car battery and you are ready to get started. Make sure you take away any loose jewelry or accessories to prevent electric shock!

Connect the Batteries

Once your help has arrived, have them pull up to your Mazda, nose to nose, while still maintaining a safe distance and workable area. Check to ensure both parties are parked with the e-brakes on and ignition off, and make sure there are no devices plugged into either vehicle. Take the cover off your battery and clean around it if there is any debris. Clamp the positive (red) cable to your Mazda’s positive battery port. Then, connect the other end of the positive cord to the booster vehicle’s positive battery port.

Proceed to clamp the negative (black) cable to the booster vehicle’s negative battery port. Connect the other end of it to a non-painted metal surface on your Mazda. Ensure the cords have a clear path area and start the boosting vehicle. Wait a few minutes, then try to start up your Mazda engine. Leave both vehicles linked and allow them to run for roughly three minutes.

Finishing Up

Disconnect the cords and vehicles in the reverse order in which you placed them and allow your Mazda to continue running for about 15-20 minutes before heading to your destination.

Visit Our MAZDA Service Center for Battery Service and Replacement

Do you need more help with your car battery? Contact the service center at our Toms River Mazda dealership and we’ll replace your dead battery if need be. Contact us today!