Get the service you need for your Mazda vehicle during April’s National Car Care Month! With the Car Care Council recommending that car owners pay particular attention to the critical components of their vehicles, it’s a good time to schedule an appointment with Lester Glenn Mazda in Toms River. Review our suggestions for car care awareness, then contact our service department.

Crucial Systems in Mazda Vehicles

You’ll find quite a few moving parts under the hood of your Mazda vehicle. With proper care, your vehicle will last a long time. However, various parts do wear out, so it’s important to recognize the signs and schedule a service before it causes damage. We perform alignments, brake and cooling system inspections at Lester Glenn Mazda.

  • Alignment: Rough roads and harsh weather conditions break down the components that keep your car steering correctly. You may notice your steering wheel shaking or vibration at higher speeds. This could mean that your suspension needs an adjustment. Our team inspects ball joints, rods, and bushing parts to ensure that your vehicle performs well on the road.
  • Brake System: With regular use, brake pads wear out, plus fluid requires replacement as well. Avoid dangerous situations by making sure that your brake system is functioning correctly. If your brakes don’t feel as responsive or you hear a grinding noise, then contact our team for a brake inspection.
  • Cooling System: This key component keeps your engine cool by circulating fluid. With a radiator, hoses, and multiple parts, it’s possible for your water pump to fail or a hose to leak. Avoid damage to your engine by addressing any problems with your coolant system immediately.

Schedule Mazda Service near Lacey, NJ

Our trained techs at Lester Glenn Mazda provide an array of services for all of your Mazda car needs. Protect your investment with regular service and celebrate the National Car Care Month by scheduling an appointment with our trusted team today.