Even if it seems as though winter was never-ending, the temperatures are starting to rise. If you have plans for road trips or other driving during the spring season, it is important that you have your vehicle ready to go. When you bring your Mazda CX-9 or Mazda3 in for spring service at Lester Glenn Mazda, you can feel confident that our certified technicians will cover all of the bases. These are just a few of the areas that you should think about when getting your vehicle ready for spring:

Get It Clean

All of the road salt, grime, and debris on the roads during the winter can be bad for the finish and undercarriage of your vehicle. You should give it a good wash and make sure to spend some time on the interior to clean the upholstery, carpet, and all of the hard surfaces.

Tire Check

The air pressure in your tires can fluctuate with the changes in temperature, so we can take a look to ensure your tires are properly inflated. We can also rotate your tires to make sure they wear evenly, check for any potential damage, and mount and balance new tires for you if you need them.

Oil Change

You should have your oil changed at specific intervals throughout the year. Our Mazda service team can remove the old oil and filter, replace the filter and pump in fresh oil to be sure that your engine parts have proper lubrication. We can also top off all your other important fluids during this time.

You will find Lester Glenn Mazda located at 1408 Route 9 in Toms River, NJ. To set up a time for spring service appointment, all you have to do is give us a call in the service department or set one up yourself on our website. We hope to see you at our service center soon!