When it comes to driving during the winter season, it is best that you are not only aware of good driving habits, but you should also make sure that your vehicle is taken care of. Your local Mazda dealers near Freehold, NJ can help you with all of your seasonal maintenance needs. Lester Glenn Mazda knows what it takes to keep Mazda cars running beautifully in low temperatures and adverse driving conditions.

Winter Driving Tips

  • Always keep the speed down in snowy conditions. Despite the ability of your Mazda CX-5 to handle the roadways, giving yourself time to maneuver should you need to turn or stop will be your best bet.
  • Should you find yourself on the side of the road in snowy or icy conditions, stay in your vehicle. This will give you the temporary shelter that you need and allow time to pass when you are able to drive again safely.
  • Have your tires checked to ensure proper inflation, especially when the temperatures really begin to dip down.
  • Never drive while you are fatigued. While this can be dangerous behind the wheel of a vehicle in any situation, adverse weather conditions call for your full attention.

No matter where you are planning on going this winter season, bringing your Mazda3 to our Mazda service center will give you all of the maintenance and winterization services that you need. For questions regarding our winter service specials, call the service center today.