Our team at Lester Glenn Mazda cares about the safety of those in our community, which is why our Mazda dealers near Lacey, NJ want to share a few tips. After all, Mazda cars are built to handle adverse road conditions, but it’s still important to watch out for these winter road hazards.   

  • Black ice: When light precipitation falls on freezing road surfaces, an unnoticeable layer of ice forms. This ice, called “black ice,” tends to be worse on bridges and overpasses. 
  • Snow build-up: Compacted snow from your Mazda car can detach and blow onto other vehicles causing a dangerous situation. Remove all snow from your car, not just from windows.  
  • Potholes: Over the winter months, potholes may fill with snow, making them more challenging to detect. Hitting a pothole could damage your alignment or tires, so be on the lookout! 
  • Debris: Storms, ice, and heavy winds can create extra road hazards and debris in the road. Keep your eyes out for unexpected obstacles while driving.  
  • Other drivers: Defensive driving is crucial throughout the winter months. Other drivers may be inexperienced or have a vehicle with poor quality tires or worn-out brakes. Maintain a safe distance around your car and have a plan ready if you need to move your car quickly to avoid an accident.  

Ensure your safety during the winter months by keeping up with regular Mazda car maintenance. But, if you face trouble on the road or want to upgrade to a model with a sturdier drivetrain, then talk to our Mazda dealers. Our team at Lester Glenn Mazda can provide you with several options for safer winter driving, from new tires to vehicles with the latest safety features.