Mazda cars are known for performance driven by precision engineering. However, even cars that are this well-built can still experience the occasional problem. If yours is one of the millions of vehicles recalled annually, it helps to know what to do. A great place to start is visiting the Mazda service center at Lester Glenn Mazda.

Understand the Issue

Recall notices can be issued by the manufacturer or by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) when an issue is detected that could compromise a car’s safety. If you have received a notice in the mail about your recall, don’t ignore it. It will have vital information about the reason for the recall, the systems affected, and the next steps you should take. We suggest minimizing driving until repairs are done; in rare instances, your recall may include a Do Not Drive advisory.

Get More Information

Sometimes, you won’t receive a notice. This may happen because your contact information wasn’t kept current. It may also be that your specific model year or trim wasn’t affected (some recalls are extremely specific). If you’re unsure, check the NHTSA recall database or our Mazda recall checker, for more information by entering your vehicle’s VIN.

Schedule a Repair or Replacement

Once you have confirmed the recall, it’s time to schedule repairs. Fortunately, this is as simple as contacting an authorized Mazda service center for an appointment. While getting this taken care of may be a nuisance, the bright side is that the manufacturer will cover the parts and labor for the recall.

Schedule a MAZDA Service Appointment in Toms River, NJ

You shouldn’t neglect a car recall, even for something that may seem minor. The technicians at the service center at Lester Glenn Mazda will give you an expert repair or replacement. Contact us to schedule an appointment so you can get back to driving safely.