No car owner relishes the prospect of a vehicle recall, but it’s essential to view this as a step towards enhanced safety. Lester Glenn Mazda guides you on what to do if you find that you’ve purchased a vehicle that is subject to a recall. The roadmap to resolution leads straight to our Mazda service center.

Understand the Recall

Dozens of recalls affecting hundreds of thousands of vehicles are issued annually, and the first task when faced with a recall is to understand your next steps. The manufacturer will send a notice detailing the defect, potential risks, warning signs, and necessary corrective action. Read and understand this information.

Contact Your MAZDA Dealership

Upon receiving a recall notice, contacting your Mazda dealership in Toms River, NJ, is imperative. The customer-friendly team at Lester Glenn Mazda stands ready to walk you through the recall process, scheduling an appointment to address and rectify the issue. We are also on standby if you need clarification about the recall notice’s terminology.

Compliance is Crucial

While finding time to address Mazda service can be challenging, you should never ignore a recall. Recalls are designed to safeguard not only your vehicle but also the safety and well-being of your passengers by rectifying defects that could pose a safety risk. Respond promptly and comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep Calm and Motor On

A vehicle recall might initially be cause for concern, but it’s vital to remember that it’s intended for your safety. Lester Glenn Mazda plays an integral role in making the journey smooth, ensuring your vehicle returns to safe, reliable operation. You, and your vehicle, will be safer for it, so call or stop by today.