Your Mazda vehicle is made up of hundreds of different parts, all working together in sync. Sometimes, important Mazda parts can get overlooked.

Lester Glenn Mazda wants to help you feel like you have a solid understanding of what’s going on with your car. Here’s an overview of the underrated muffler.

What Does a Muffler Do?

The muffler is beneath the rear of your Mazda car and handles several important aspects of your car’s exhaust all at the same time. It muffles engine noise as it controls your engine’s backpressure.

The valves in your engine constantly move against each other, up and down, repeatedly. This builds up backpressure, and the muffler helps regulate this. If left unchecked, backpressure can have a detrimental effect on your power output.

What to Watch For

Keep an eye on the muffler’s rust buildup. Water collects in the exhaust, and condensation can cause rust, which affects the muffler’s ability to work properly.

If you hear loose parts rattling around in the exhaust, this can lead to cracks in the muffler wall. This can seriously hurt your exhaust over time.

How To Tell If Your Muffler Needs Service

Your muffler will go through some wear and tear over time. Be proactive and on the lookout for signs that your muffler needs servicing.

If your exhaust seems far too loud, or there is an insistent whine, take your car to a Mazda service specialist right away. This can indicate a problem with your catalytic converter. Issues with fuel efficiency are also signs that something is wrong with your exhaust. Get your muffler checked right away.

If you suspect some or all of these issues apply to your car, schedule a service visit at Lester Glenn Mazda right away!