A common question new car buyers ask is how to properly budget for a 2019 Mazda3 or 2019 Mazda6. The short answer is to start preparing early and to allow for unexpected expenses in your budget. Use these tools and tips from Lester Glenn Mazda near Bayville, NJ to get your finances in order.

Balance your current budget

Before heading over to our website, give your budget a quick look. Make a list of all of your monthly bills and expenses. Divide annual or quarterly payments or subscriptions into 12-month payments and include this into your budget. Don’t forget to add in the cost of groceries, entertainment, and household items. Now, add up the costs associated with a new vehicle. These will include the cost of the vehicle, but also:

  • Car registration and licensing fees
  • Vehicle insurance payments
  • Gasoline and maintenance charges

Take your grand total and subtract it from your take-home income. Put aside a reasonable percentage for monthly savings. Then see what you have left to spend on a 2019 Mazda6.

Use online tools at Lester Glenn Mazda

Once you have an estimate of what you can afford each month, then use our convenient finance tools. You’ll want to consider ways to reduce the amount of financing you’ll need. You can do this by trading in your current vehicle or paying a sizable down payment when you buy.

Value-My-Trade. Find out how much your current vehicle is worth by entering your vehicle’s details into this online calculator.

Payment Calculator. Estimate what your monthly payment will be by adjusting the amounts of your down payment, trade-in value, model cost, annual interest rate, and loan length.

Financial Application. You can apply online for financing for a new 2019 Mazda3 near Bayville, NJ.

Find your 2019 Mazda Vehicle in Toms River, NJ

Stop by Lester Glenn Mazda and check out our incredible selection of used and new models. Come prepared with a list of questions you have about financing or models that you’re interested in. Our team helps with financing for a smooth car buying process.