You are probably excited that spring has finally sprung. On the other hand, your Mazda car may still have a case of the winter blahs because it’s not ready for warmer weather yet. Fortunately, you can quickly take care of that with key Mazda service tasks, and Lester Glenn Mazda highlights three that are particularly important right now.

Tire Pressure Check

You rely a lot on your tires. They keep you safe, ensure performance, and preserve fuel efficiency. Because their air pressure fluctuates with the temperature, it’s a good idea to check frequently in the spring and fall, adjusting pressure as necessary. Give your tires a once-over to see if they have sidewall damage or insufficient tread depth, visiting us if you need replacements.

Battery Test

The battery is another component that needs regular attention. The cold weather from the previous several months may have affected it, especially if it’s older. Batteries generally last about five years, and it’s a good idea to have them inspected, cleaned, and serviced in the interim, especially since self-discharge and evaporative wear are more common in warmer weather.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Winter’s snow, ice, and road salt take a toll on wipers. If you notice fraying rubber or streaking, replace your wipers with a set from our Mazda parts department. While you’re here, pick up some extra wiper fluid for the reservoir.

Get the MAZDA Service You Need in Toms River, NJ

Your car may also need fluid top-offs, an oil change, or an inspection. Whatever your car needs, you can get it from Lester Glenn Mazda. Contact our service center to schedule an appointment. Check out our current Mazda service specials to save money when you visit!