Did bumpy roads or construction work affect your driving experience this summer? If so, you might need to check your car’s alignment. Learn more about how alignments help your Mazda car stay in good condition, then contact Lester Glenn Mazda near Manchester, NJ if you have any questions.

Alignment Basics

Mazda engineers design your vehicle to withstand adverse road conditions while providing you with a smooth ride. They do this by positioning your car at specific angles on the wheels for an optimal driving experience. Over time, bumps in the road can cause your vehicle to shift, and even though it isn’t always noticeable, it can cause recognizable problems.

Signs You Need an Alignment

Throughout the year, it’s always a good idea to get an occasional inspection of your vehicle’s alignment. If you’ve been in an accident, changed tire sizes, or added accessories, it helps to double-check if an adjustment is eventually needed. Most manufacturers recommend a yearly inspection to keep your Mazda car in good condition, but if you notice your steering wheel vibrating or one of your tires exhibiting excessive wear, it’s best to bring in your vehicle to a Mazda service center as soon as possible.

It can be quite costly to repair or replace parts affected by an uneven alignment. For example, uneven tire wear may require you to replace your tires much sooner than expected. Excessive misalignment can also put extra pressure on your suspension, which can harm your ball joints, steering bushing, or tie rods.

If you notice any of these problems, contact your Mazda dealers in Toms River, NJ for an inspection. Our team is here to help you with any of your concerns, so stop by 101 Route 37 E today to talk about service options.