Regardless of what you are looking for in terms of style or features in a new Mazda car, you want to work with a dealership you can count on to help with the buying process. We have a team of knowledgeable customer service professionals at Lester Glenn Mazda who will be happy to help you distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to the more common car buying myths.

Common Car Buying Myths

There are plenty of odd car buying myths out there, including those that say you should only shop during a storm or right before closing time to get a good deal. Others will tell you to come into the process with your own financing or you will not be able to get a nice rate on your loan. You might have even heard that you should wait until the last minute to let your salesperson know that you are looking to trade your vehicle in. The truth is that these are all myths, and we will always give you an incredible deal at Lester Glenn Mazda regardless of when you stop by. Our staff is ready to work with you to ensure you have a wonderful buying or leasing experience.

Our Mazda Inventory

Do you know if you want a new vehicle like theĀ Mazda3 or are you looking for something pre-owned? Not only do we carry a vast selection of Mazda models, but you will also find the assistance you need when browsing our inventory. When you come by to talk with us, we’ll work with you and your unique needs to ensure you are 100 percent comfortable and satisfied. You will find us at 1408 Route 9 in Toms River, NJ, or you can give our sales team a call.