If we had to guess, we’d say that our drivers’ best memories behind the wheel were most likely not made alone. Maybe it was a road trip with your sister or your weekly runs to the coffee shop with your best friend from work, but chances are the most memorable moments you’ve had in your car were not spent alone.

In fact, if you want to make someone else’s journeys more enjoyable, just consider taking along your old friend Fido! If you’re ready to head out of Freehold, then the 2016 Mazda3 is your ticket. This vehicle was recently named to the list of “Best Cars for Dog Lovers” by online vehicle marketplace resource Autotrader.

In developing its list of winners, Autotrader considered factors important to drivers with pets such as a rear lift gate and spacious cabin for easy, comfortable transportation; fold-flat rear seats; low ride height for easy entry and a nice view as well as underfloor storage.

One of nine recognized vehicles this year, the 2016 Mazda3 has now received 16 notable awards in just the last eight months. Autotrader statistics indicate that more than 56 percent of drivers who own dogs specifically shop for vehicles that accommodate pet owners and their unique lifestyles. Additionally, one in four have either considered or taken advantage of the opportunity to include his or her pet in the test drive process.

If you’d like to see whether the 2016 Mazda3 might be perfect for you and your dog, don’t hesitate to contact a Mazda dealer today to schedule your very own test drive! There’s plenty for both drivers and dogs to enjoy in this affordable, fashionable and accomplished vehicle.