At our Toms River Mazda dealership, our responsibility may be to serving our customers in Lakewood, but we also consider it a privilege to represent an automaker that is dedicated to supporting its community in times of both need and prosperity.

That’s why we were proud to see the American Red Cross honor Mazda North American Operations for its disaster response support efforts through the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program. Program members pledge ongoing donations prior to major disasters in an effort to assist the Red Cross in providing immediate action to communities in need.

Recently, the automaker increased its annual contribution to the program and now stands apart as the first automotive manufacturer to be a $1 million member. This total sum is achieved through a combination of cash and vehicle donations, the latter of which marks the brand’s largest vehicle donation of its kind.

Through the program, the Mazda brand will give 18 of its most functional vehicles to Red Cross chapters throughout the country, all of which will be used to deliver emergency services and supplies to families facing the aftermath of disasters in addition to carrying resources required for CPR, first aid and AED training. Half of the donated vehicles are 2015 Mazda CX-9 SUVs, which seat seven passengers and provide 100.7 cubic feet of cargo capacity, and the other half are 2015 Mazda5 vehicles, which seat six and provide 44.4 cubic feet of cargo space.

In addition to supporting the Annual Disaster Giving Program, the Mazda brand provides volunteer support and contributes to Red Cross blood drives and community-based disaster preparedness efforts. To make your own contribution to Red Cross Disaster Relief, please visit or call (800) RED-CROSS.