Just like with humans, sunrays cause damage to the various components on a car. The best way to preserve your interior is by protecting your vehicle from the sun. At Lester Glenn Mazda, you’ll find a wide variety of parts and accessories meant to keep you and your car cool. Explore your options by stopping by our Mazda dealership today.

Park in a covered garage or shaded area

The best way to eliminate sun damage is to avoid leaving your car in the sun for too long. If you have access to a parking garage or covered area, then this is the best place to park your vehicle. Your second best bet is to park in a shady area with tree coverage. While you’ll still get some sun, it’s not quite as rough on your car as an open parking lot.

Use a sunshade

For those who don’t have access to a shaded area, then your next option is to use a sunshade. A sunshade extends across your windshield and eliminates the amount of sunlight that enters your windows. It’s easy to install, and you should put it in the window each time you park your car for an extended period of time in the sun.

Crack your windows

Even with a sunshade or parking in a shady area, your car will heat up to the temperature outside. With no place for the heat to escape, then the interior of your vehicle can get deadly hot. You can lower the interior temperatures by cracking your car windows for extra air flow.

Don’t let the sun damage your Mazda vehicle this summer. Use these tips from our Mazda dealership, and then give our team at Lester Glenn Mazda a call!